BioBlend 3-2-10

With Agconnect Microbial Technology

A Blend of Organic ingredients to improve soil structure, improve water management in the soil,
Feed soil Microbes, help to make nutrients more available and stimulate root growth.

Fusion Prime Powder 3.25-0-11

Fusion Prime fuses three high grad beneficial products into one. Best used in addition to Agconnects Bioblend. The following benefits may be seen when used in a managed program

  • Improved overall plant growth
  • Increased root vitality
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Increased chlorophyll synthesis
  • Improved seed germination
  • Increased yields

Huma Connect-2 Liquid or Powder (17% K)

Huma connect-2 is a potassium humate designed for use alone or with liquid fertilizers. Apply as a foliar, side dress, banding, water-rum or apply thru drip line Huma Connect-2 is a spray dry product that will not plug drip lines.

Calcium Connect Plus (3.5% Ca, 5.0% S)

Calcium Connect Plus is a complexing agent for increasing the uptake of calcium and micronutrients. It is formulated using calcium lignosulfonate and contains both organic carbons and natural sugars.

Kelp Liquid or Powder

Derived from high quality seaweed that comes from the north Atlantic. It promotes vigorous plant growth while increasing resistance to disease and weathering.

Borreplex OA

The Natural choice. A blend of lignosulfonic and other naturally derived organic acids. When applied to soils it functions as:

  • Complexing agents for soil nutrients
  • A source of metabolizable energy
  • A source of added organic carbon, sulfur and calcium
  • Acidify irrigation
  • Reduce bicarbonates and sodium levels
  • Improve water penetration
  • Frees up bound nutrients in alkaline soils
  • Increase cation exchange capacity