Agconnect offers an array of services to assist you in connecting farming with the knowledge needed to increase production, improve quality and lower costs. We offer the following services:


There are four key elements in a successful testing program. The first three elements are the soil, plant and water. The fourth is what we refer to as the “muddy boots.” Muddy boots is the grower that knows his field and what’s happening with the crops but they may not know why it’s happening. When we sit down with a grower and review the three tests and then get his knowledge of what is happening in the field, you get a very good understanding of how to proceed.

Advising on the Use of Quality Products

After you have a good understanding of conditions in the field, you can supplement your program to meet your needs. Our products have been specially designed to assist in this process. Whether its soil amendments and root stimulators or fast acting foliars, Agconnect helps you become the expert.

Expert Compost Consulting

We can show you how it will benefit your program. We can assist you in establishing a composting operation of your own. We can help in designing and obtaining the equipment needed for the operation and instruct on the process of composting.

Cost Savings

Agconnect will continue searching for products that can provide soil amendment properties and nutrients at a cost savings over conventional products.

We are always searching for ways to connect you with better products, with the right tools and with quality service.